Senior Airman Mathew Kidd

Senior Airman Mathew Kidd


Hometown / City: Hampton, VA.
Date of Death: March 3, 2001.
Branch: VA Air NG.
Unit: 203rd Red Horse Flight of the Virginia Air National Guard

Ann Holmes isn’t sure what she’ll miss most about her neighbor. The wave Mathrew Kidd always gave her as he let out his chocolate Labrador, J.D., for a run in the yard; his smile as he took off for work at ADT Security or for the gym at nearby Langley Air Force Base.

Or his polite requests for a tool so he and his brother, Dan, could tinker on their cars. Or maybe his pleas for Ann’s help in sewing patches onto his uniform.

Last year “he had just gotten a new rank, he had inspection coming up and he had to have them in a hurry,” she said Sunday. “You couldn’t have asked for a nicer boy.”

Her husband, Lester, said it wasn’t unusual for the brothers’ place to be quiet on weekends, as they busied themselves as young men do – dating, traveling and such. But the house looked lonesome Sunday. J.D.’s face was in a front window. The trucks in the driveway were cold.

The Holmeses didn’t know Mathrew Kidd well; he and his brother had lived next door for just two of the 37 years the couple has spent in the neighborhood.

Still, Ann Holmes wept when she heard the news.

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