CPO Paul J. Darga

CPO Paul J. Darga 1


Hometown / City: ALPENA, MI ALPENA
Date of Death: Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Conflict: Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq)
Branch: U.S. Navy
Rank: Chief Petty Officer

Birth: May 2, 1972, USA
Death: Aug. 22, 2006
Al Anbar, Iraq

Karie’s husband was gone more than he was home the past few years which made the few months they had together this spring with their young daughter extra special. The few month he was home before this deployment they were closer than they’ve ever been. The couple met in high school in Alpena, Mich. Married since 1994, they couple has a daughter, Kailey Rose. The past 12 months had been momentous for Paul, who was born in Spain and lived in Japan as an Army brat before his father retired and the family moved to Michigan. Early this year, he spent more than two weeks of leave from the Middle East visiting his mother, who was dying of cancer. He’d been given the option of going to Michigan to see her while she was still alive, or returning to the United States for her funeral. He needed the time with her when she could talk. They had some wonderful conversations. He treasured that time. His mother died in March. He knew the risks and was fully trained and confident in his abilities. Paul started his 16-year Navy career as a Seabee, then went to diving school and joined an underwater construction team at Little Creek. After a number of assignments and 12 months of rigorous EOD training in Florida, Darga and his wife returned to Hampton Roads in April 2002, when he joined Little Creek’s EOD Mobile Unit Two. Two years later, Karie Darga gave birth to their daughter. His heart began to melt the day I found out that she was pregnant. In his little free time, Paul enjoyed woodworking and tinkering on his beloved green 1995 Mustang. Karie would work with him under the hood; the couple did everything together. Now her thoughts have turned to figuring out a way to preserve her husband’s memory for their daughter. She’s decided to create a box in which she and others who loved Paul can place items that help explain to Kailey who her father was. He was 34.

Explosive Ordnance
Disposal Mobile Unit Two
serving with the
1st Marine Logistics Group Burial:
Evergreen Cemetery
Michigan, USA CPO Paul J. Darga 2

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